Staging Options

And Prices


  • $50 per deck
  • Each deck is 4’x8′
  • We can provide up to 9 decks at 18″ tall or 8 decks at 26″ tall
  • 26″ tall decks require steps
  • Decks can be arranged any way you’d like!


Give your stage that super professional look with skirts!

Skirting is only an additional $100

Stair Steps

Let people easily come and go from the stage with stair steps!
There is an additional charge of $50 per step
Stairs are MANDATORY for 26″ tall stage decks


Delivery is available!
Pricing varies based on distance to the event’s location and ease of load-in (For example, an open area where we can back our vehicle right up to the stage area versus having to park on a city street and carry everything up stairs and through hallways).

We are North Alabama's stage provider!